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Cooking On Gas

If the kitchen is the heart of every home, then the cooker is the soul of every kitchen. The most precious place in the home has got to be the heat curtain surrounding the cooker in winter where kids huddle waiting for magic to happen.

Believe it or not. I once actually met a professional chef (well line cook really) who believes electric stoves are better than gas stoves for cooking. It's funny because despite being only 5'2" tall (and wide) and having the foulest mouth in a commercial kitchen (yep including that other bloke that's made a fortune out of getting people to believe that swearing at the peasants gets better output from the peasants), his kitchen mates named him Lefty -- because he clearly embodies "not right".

Apart from Lefty and say a handful of his flat-earth-worshiping-lunatic-fringe-luddite-superblu-serfs, I think it's fair to say that gas for cooking is accepted to be THE SHIT. It's instantaneous, it's tactile, it's analogue and it's free from Eskom and the associated Gupta taxes.

You can drop anything from a couple of kay to a down payment on a presidential motorcade for a gas stove (people with money occasionally seem to realise they can't take it to hell with them and buy random crap to keep the noises at bay, I'm convinced this is the actual reason economic cycles make no sense.) So we've tried to keep our range ring-fenced by sanity (and quality and value) and, as always, we're pretty picky on what we endorse.

Most home use gas stoves on the market today are made in Italia or are made by Italian companies in China or are made by Chinese companies in China with Italian names or... You get the point. Styling is pretty consistent, all modeled on the Italian design. Chunky knobs, cast iron pot stands, stainless steel is the neutral colour and then you get a range of options for colours with gorgeous descriptions like Nero and Rosa. Italians are living proof that good design doesn't need creative thinking.

It's a legal requirement as of a few years ago that all stoves must have a safety shut off device called a flame failure device. Ironically named because it's job is to detect when the flame has gone out, so a better name would be the no-flame-failure-device (maybe Lefty got to name it when he turned 18 ((and passed grade 7))) but dis-ambiguous is not one of the English's great strengths, so it's noticeably missing from the language (They don't seem to shine at winning soccer world cups either despite raking in obscene amounts every year letting yobs entertain the nation on the soccer field, but I'm losing my point here.)

The nice to haves usually include single button ignition (works with power, so when the lights go out you'll need to find your teenage daughter's self medication stash to find a lighter, to make dinner). Glass covers, so you can hide the muck when you've got company and a choice between 5 and 6 burners.

When it comes to the oven, you're in religious war territory picking a side (gas vs electric). It borders on a moral decision (so if you are skipping over this part what does that say about you?). Some units even offer both in one! Statistically, electric multifunction ovens beat out gas ovens - by sales anyway (probably with good reason) and you can pick one with anywhere from one to three fans inside because, you know, the amount of air (specifically hot moving air) is the real ingredient that'll move the need on your cooking skills. WHO KNEW? Anyway, some aunties swear by their three fan ovens and their baking makes my baking look like a brick works so I'll stand down on this point.

Check out our range below, and as always, feel free toreach outif you want any more information about anything gas. We even have a millennial on the team who can answer "meta" questions about gas like delivery options (this is what we've done to our kids people, don't blame them, there's no such thing as problem child...)

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