Franchising at The Gas Company

Franchising - The Big Idea

The Gas company is a consumer focussed brand fixated on delivering an uninterrupted lifestyle.

The brand offering is centered around four core operating areas.

  1. Gas Refills and Exchanges
  2. Gas Appliances
  3. Gas Installations
  4. Trade

In addition to the four operating areas, the brand offering is further complimented by five service areas.
  1. Project Consultation
  2. Delivery (ad hoc and arranged)
  3. Service, repair and maintenance
  4. Telemetry (IOT)
  5. Rent to own appliance funding

The brand ethos is honest to it's consumer focussed roots and can best be described as "breaking china for the customer". We're a fiercely competative group but we do not ever compromise of service delivery. In the modern Amazon age of retail, the unique selling position (USP) is no longer the differentiator it used to be. It's the purchase experience that seperates the whey from the turdcurd. But spectacular customer service is not the end-game, it is the foundation on which an outstanding retail offering can be overlayed.

The Gas Company Franchise Group has been developed through the fusion of comprehensive research into global gas lifestyle and economic trends, complimented by the local electricity crisis in Southern Africa, we believe gas is the only viable, accessible and affordable alternative energy source. And the competition to connect with this market is intensifying exponentially.

It has furthermore evolved into a turnkey model in response to the proliferation of economic activity in this emerging market, where the resulting business boom has created opportunities for investors to tap into an increasing demand for premium lifestyle gas offerings.

The Gas Company’s operational model is based on the core concept of portability – a key indicator of success, as the ability to achieve economies of scale are essential to sustained growth.

Two franchise models have been developed for implementation, that of a full concept store and an express concept store each featuring scalable interior specifications and operational delivery.

The Gas Company full concept model holds a space footprint of approximately 100-120m² and includes a gas cylinder depot, refilling station and a retail element combined with an off-site installation and service component. The express concept model is approximately 70-80m² and excludes the retail element with the focus primarily on installation and service delivery.

All design and construction for The Gas Company is conducted by the Franchisor and its approved contractors. Whilst an artistic template is applied, variations may be introduced dictated by location, context and demographic.

Establishment Costs

From R1, 200 000.00 dependent on site type and specific franchise requirements


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The thought of running out of gas in the middle of a shower with a head full of shampoo-lather and a dripping saggy bottom causing you anxiety?

Gas-on-tap means never running out of gas and never having to collect your own gas and no massive monthly bills when that bad boy does eventually run dry

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